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Yield Enhancement Partners provides engineering consulting services to integrated circuit and
solar cell manufacturers throughout the world.

YEP specializes in organizing and analyzing measurement services used to evaluate the electrical
and physical properties of today’s advanced integrated circuits and photovoltaic devices.
Dependable resources for qualifying starting materials, evaluating front-end production
processes, and providing failure analysis of finished product are necessary to the success of any
production or R&D environment.  

YEP also provides services for vetting equipment vendors and the tools they provide.  These
services provide the needed information to determine the base tool and the minimum number of
options required to monitor your production processes in a meaningful and cost effective manner.
Knowing what metrology tool to maintain in-house and which measurement service to outsource is
critical to meeting production monitoring budgets.  

We have expertise in analytical measurement services:
- Microwave-Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD)
- Surface Photovoltage (SPV)
- Atomic Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
- Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS)
- Transmission X-Ray Fluorescence (TXRF)

Our customers are manufacturers of bulk silicon wafers, producers of epitaxial silicon wafers,
users of bulk & epitaxial wafers, front-end integrated circuit process engineers, and yield
enhancement groups within manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

The YEP organization distinguishes itself by being more than the traditional sales interface
between its customers and the OEM. YEP provides the technical expertise to help clients make
the right choices in identifying their metrology needs.  In the cases when an in-house tool is
purchased, YEP continues a working relationship with its clients to help insure the new equipment
generates the expected, required, and accepted solution.
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